SISTER SURVIVOR: Activating Black Women, Femmes & Girls Harmed By Carceral Trauma
The Sister Survivor Project amplifies the voices of Black women and girls harmed by America’s prison policies. TDC's Architect of Community Construction, Bella BAHHS, spearheads a practice of seditious compassion in the face of America’s addiction to incarceration and violence. Sister Survivor holds community events and sends care packages to Black women and girls harmed by carceral trauma.
America has relapsed on its addiction to incarceration. America’s Three Strikes Drug Law requires mandatory life sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. It is especially dangerous in the hands of an Administration allergic to racial justice and obsessed with law & order. Our #NoThreeStrikes! Campaign is a direct response to the Justice Department’s pro-prison policies.
Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers
The Decarceration Collective's lawyers aggressively defend people charged in federal court. We boldly “Bring the 6th” — we advance the Constitution’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel. We present people for free and never charge a dime to fight for their freedom.

We’ve been fighting for people and dismantling mass incarceration for a while. Here’s where you’ve seen our work: