Co-Founder & Decarceration Counsel

federal lawyer •  anti-carceral policy strategist •  reentry advocate

Amanda bashi

Amanda Bashi cuts concrete with a keyboard. Amanda’s work has freed more than a dozen prisoners from living death sentences and returned more than 10,000 months of freedom to men and women over-punished during America’s failed Drug War. Her unique approach to decarceration is equal parts excellent lawyering and seditious compassion. She is an expert in postconviction law and reentry advocacy. In 2014, Amanda received the Outstanding Young Attorney Award from the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She was invited to President Obama’s White House in 2016 for her work on executive commutations and reentry.    ­

Ms. Bashi earned her law degree summa cum laude from DePaul University. While defending federal cases, she earned a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago. Ms. Bashi has defended state and federal cases and specializes in appeals and postconviction litigation. She co-authored the Illinois State Bar Association’s Post-Conviction Manual.