Researcher & Clinical Psychologist for Post-Carceral Trauma

licensed clinical psychologist •  nationally certified school psychologist •  expert in carceral trauma, child and adolescent trauma, mental health & cultural mistrust in education 

“The school-to-prison pipeline is a form of psychological oppression and abuse,” according to internationally recognized psychologist Dr. Brettjet Cody. Dr. Cody has lectured globally on how cross-factor oppressions – such as racism, Islamophobia and economic destabilization – directly or indirectly affect child and adolescent mental health and academic outcomes. As a global psychologist, Dr. Cody’s program of research focuses on the psychological effects of cultural mistrust in African Americans as well as the intersection of mental health concerns and academic factors in children and youth in contemporary developing nations. She has collaborated with distressed children, adolescents, and families to find balance when confronted with internal and external cultural conflicts. Dr. Cody is dedicated to working with children from all over the world to deconstruct psychological barriers to education.

Dr. Cody earned her doctorate in School Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. She is a nationally certified school psychologist, licensed specialist in school psychology, and licensed psychologist.  Inspiring, empowering, respectful, and compassionate, Dr. Cody believes “the decarceration imperative demands our unfettered work to improve the educational and psychological station of the child.”

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