Architect of Community Construction

raptivist • organizer • anti-carceral expert • millennial commentator on power, race, gender & sexuality 

Bella BahhsBella BAHHS (Black Ancestors Here Healing Society) is a 2017 Soros Justice Fellow. For Bella, privilege didn’t come cheaply or nicely packaged. Bella knows firsthand how prison affects families. Both of her parents were once in prison, leaving her in her grandmother’s care. As a granddaughter of the Great Migration, Bella BAHHS grew up on Chicago’s west side and studied corporate communication and business administration at Dominican University. As a raptivist, movement strategist and organizer, Bella BAHHS advocates for the fundamental right for people to breathe and exist. Her work focuses on why disenfranchised spaces become systematically overcrowded, overcharged, overpoliced, underfunded and undereducated.

Galvanized by Chicago teen LaQuan McDonald’s police murder and subsequent cover-up in 2015, Bella BAHHS and the #LetUsBreatheCollective led a campaign against police abuse, torture and executions. She co-organized 2016’s Freedom Square Occupation – a 41 day occupation of a Chicago police precinct notorious for kidnapping and forcing confessions from Black and Brown Chicagoans. National media outlets covered the Freedom Square occupation, finding Black women greeting and educating community members, deescalating conflicts, preparing communal meals, mentoring Black children, organizing art and community beautification projects, cleaning the encampment and strategizing to build a more liberated future.  Bella’s 2017 Soros Justice project will build Sister Survivor, a group designed to support young black women organizing to mitigate the impact of the criminal justice system on their lives.

In her own words, Bella BAHHS’ mission is unequivocal: “Cut carceral culture. Construct community.”

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